About Milward Drone Services


Milward Drone Services was set up in 2018 initially as a marketing support tool to assist schools with showcasing their grounds on their websites and social media channels. Premises managers soon took an interest in using the drones for roof and building inspections of their schools. Shortly after, the realisation was that aerial images could be used in many different industries. 

360° photos can also be taken using our drones or using a standard 360 camera to create impressive interactive images or a full virtual tour. Click Here to see our 360 page.

What We Do

We send a drone up, capture some photos and/or video from a unique perspective  and then, dependent on the requirements, either transfer over the raw footage to the client or take the shots to be edited.  

Services Offered

This service can be useful for almost anyone.  Services offered include;


  • Marketing pictures and videos

  • Surveys of roofs, fields or building development work

  • Estate agent property footage

  • Public Event footage

  • Building and flood damage images

  • Residential property photography

  • 360° interactive virtual tours

The Process


Initially we will take a request for work from a prospective client. Ideally this will include the exact location of the proposed work, what the client requires (photo, video etc & quantity), proposed date of operation and what access the client and others have to the area.

Using this information we will write up an operational and planning assessment taking into consideration any risks involved with the operation including complexity of the work, airspace & other air users, weather forecast and we will produce a map documenting take off and landing areas.

Following this process a formal quote will be given to the client based on the pricing available here aswell as 2 proposed dates to allow for potential weather conflicts.

Once the shoot is finished transfer of the files will be arranged, usually via dropbox or google drive. USB drives can be arranged at the cost to the client. Usually raw footage will be transferred to the client within 24 hours. Editing work will require additional time but will be agreed with the client before work commences.